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AI and the future world of work

Skrevet af

Yvonne Frederiksen

The opportunities associated with AI are immense, but right now it is necessary to address a number of concerns about the use and potential of AI in the workplace. 

Our international alliance Ius Laboris is in a unique position to bring a global perspective to these developments, which involve the full breadth of HR law and employment law. Ius Laboris has therefore started producing various resources on the topic, which currently include a podcast, the report “The future of employment in an AI-driven world” and articles describing the implications of AI in different areas of employment law.

As the Danish member of Ius Laboris, we are pleased to provide access to these resources, which can be found at the Ius Laboris website: www.iuslaboris.com

The content of the above is not, and should not be a substitute for legal advice.