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Bordet fangede – til sidst

En kundeklausul efter funktionærloven kunne opretholdes i en ny ansættelseskontrakt, selvom ansættelsesklausulloven var trådt i kraft. Bordet fangede dog, da medarbejderen i forbindelse med opsigelsen modtog og skrev under på en klausul på andre vilkår.

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Mariann Norrbom ­ 1949-2022

Mariann Norrbom, co-founder and previous Managing Partner of Norrbom Vinding, has passed away at age 73 after a long period of illness. Even though Mariann retired almost six years ago, her work and spirit still shine bright at our firm.Mariann was...

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Take time to consider

The Board of Equal Treatment has heard two complaints about whether it was contrary to the Anti-Discrimination Act to refuse to employ candidates with a disability. In the first case, the Board found that the company had met its duty to accommodate; in the other case, the company had not.

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