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Industrial relations

Collective agreements and industrial relations are the hallmark of the Danish labour market model

We have long-standing experience in negotiating collective agreements and advising public and private sector employers on their collective bargaining processes.

We are there when creative solutions are needed, and we are also there when employers are served with a notice of industrial action or need to serve such notice themselves.

If the collective bargaining process ends up in the State Conciliation Board on Labour Disputes, we have the experience required to negotiate for hours or days before the Board, and in the situations where it is more natural for the legal adviser not to "sit in" on the negotiations, we will act as your adviser and consultant in the "back room".

When the collective agreement has been signed, we advise on the interpretation of the agreement. In case of disputes and stoppages, we represent employers before the various industrial relations bodies: industrial tribunals, the Labour Court and the Municipal Public Servants Court.

We recently

  • advised public and private sector employers in, for example, the pharmaceutical industry, aviation industry, energy sector and various other industries on collective bargaining issues
  • successfully represented employers, employer organisations and public authorities in a large number of industrial arbitration cases concerning interpretation of collective agreements
  • successfully conducted a large number of cases in the Danish Labour Court for private sector employers and for a major employer organisation and its individual member municipalities


"The Danish labour market is regulated mainly by agreement between the social partners"
Jesper Oehlenschlaeger Madsen

Jesper Oehlenschlaeger Madsen

Associate Partner

Jørgen Vinding

Jørgen Vinding

Partner LLM

Søren Skjerbek

Søren Skjerbek

Partner LLM

Christian K. Clasen

Christian K. Clasen

Managing Partner

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