Criminal law

The handling of criminal offences is becoming increasingly complex – not least in light of the detailed regulation in the area, intensified enforcement and public attention


We advise companies and public authorities on a wide range of issues from the employment law-related handling of a case to cooperation with the law enforcing authorities.

We have e.g.

  • advised on the uncovering and handling of possible fraud and irregularities at companies and public authorities
  • provided advice on the qualification of possible criminal law violations as well as breaches of the special legislation
  • advised on and prepared reports to the police in cases concerning, for instance, economic crime and harassment
  • advised on communication and provided assistance on a strategic, political level
  • advised on, for instance, the right of access in relation to employees’ and public authorities’ possible criminal offences
  • provided advice on the specific procedural issues existing within the area of criminal law
  • assisted public authorities, companies and employees on behalf of the employer in criminal cases