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Norrbom Vinding's people are leaders in their field. Our focus is on the client, but we always keep an eye on the bigger picture

This profile comes with certain responsibilities. It requires a working climate where trust and development are important factors. Trust means that we will set you challenging tasks because we believe in your ability to succeed and excel – but not on your own: you will be guided and supported in your development by all of Norrbom Vinding's expert lawyers.

But you will need external input as well. That is why we are serious in our commitment to support you in your wishes to study or work abroad or elsewhere. 

Finally, trust also means being able to work from home and manage your own working day to ensure a good work-life balance.

If you need to work part-time for a period of time, we will work that out too.

"Through trust you will become a spearhead in your field"

Legal Intern

As a legal intern at Norrbom Vinding, you will be a "mini junior associate" helping our lawyers solve employment-related problems for some of the most interesting private and public sector clients in Denmark.

We recruit law students for our internship programme – including undergraduates.

While at the undergraduate level, you will mainly do research to keep everyone at Norrbom Vinding up-to-date on a daily basis and to feed our electronic news service and our knowledge bank. You will also be involved in research for court hearings, legal opinions and memos via external sources and portals.

While at the postgraduate level, you will be assigned a partner and work with him or her on a daily basis. We will make sure that your learning curve gradually steepens – so that your duties and responsibilities will increasingly resemble those of a junior associate.

You will attend client meetings and court hearings. And our internal training programme will be open to you in the same way as all of our social events. You will be entrusted to organise your own working hours to a large extent.

You can also write your thesis here, on partial pay, when that day comes. And last but not least, experienced lawyers will be available for any questions you may have.

Junior associate

We believe that stars shine brighter together

This means that, at Norrbom Vinding, we take our junior associates seriously: we see you as a valued discussion partner. At the same time, you will have the best training in labour and employment law that Denmark has to offer. We call it the "apprentice model".

With this model, you will sit with at least two different partners during your time as a junior associate. In close collaboration, the two of you will service the partner’s clients. In that way, you will learn all elements of the trade from a lawyer who is a recognised leader in the field – from introductory meetings with the client and until the project is completed.

But sitting with a partner will teach you more than legal skills: you will learn about the clients and their industry and culture. Then one day you will be able to navigate easily through the sea of image, media, politics, social climate and commercial realities that are important pieces in solving the client’s problem in the best way.

In addition, you will benefit from our internal training programme.

All partners at Norrbom Vinding share their expertise at frequent training sessions. We set up mock trial exercises based on real ones. And you will be able to practise your skills in oral argument.

Performance is a complex concept. That is why we also bring in outside experts – such as actors and voice coaches.

As a junior associate, you will need to participate in the mandatory training programme provided by the Danish Bar and Law Society. When your bar exam is approaching, you will be given time off to study, fully paid, and your colleagues will be available for consultation and good advice.

For junior associates, the terms and conditions of employment are more or less the same at all law firms in Copenhagen. This makes training and development opportunities and working environment important factors in your choice of employer. We know that and act accordingly.

"We take pride in developing your talent and building you up to become a lawyer with perspective”

You can read more about Norrbom Vinding’s junior associate programme (in Danish) here


We depend on your knowledge

Whether cultivated internally or recruited externally, Norrbom Vinding’s associates make up our profile as a specialist labour and employment law firm.

We believe you can never learn too much.

When you are admitted to practise law, you begin building your profile as a specialist lawyer at Norrbom Vinding. This means that your assignments will be tailored to your individual interests.

You will learn by consulting and working closely with partners and peers. Gradually, you will come to manage your own clients and be given responsibility for specific areas.

You will need to see the world to get to know your speciality in depth. That is why we will support you if you want to go abroad, eg to take an LLM. Through Ius Laboris, our international alliance, we will help you if you want to spend time at a law firm abroad.

And we will help you sharpen your knowledge and network in the industry by encouraging you to teach, attend courses and seminars and generally involve yourself in professional associations. All of Norrbom Vinding's associates are members of the Danish Society for Labour Law and the Danish Association of Employment Lawyers. We will also encourage you to participate in at least one international conference every year to build an international network and broaden your outlook.

"We believe you can never learn too much"

Other functions

Norrbom Vinding believes in unity and cohesion

That is why we recognise the value of our non-legal specialists.

Our employees include academics and specialists in foreign languages, the humanities and information technology to support our fee-earning activities. Our other employees are office services and finance and accounting functions. The secretarial group is the administrative backbone of the firm.

In the same way we encourage our associates to seek new knowledge abroad, we encourage our academic and administrative staff to go on study trips abroad. And we support them in their professional development if they want to take courses and seminars or a formal degree within the professional framework which exists in their particular field.

We also offer in-house training on a regular basis – and in many areas. We provide foreign language training, upgrade everyone’s IT skills, offer teambuilding sessions and organise communication workshops. And legal courses, too, of course.

We know that knowledge is an un-ending quest. Our staff network via groups of like-minded professionals to spread and acquire the latest knowledge. We analyse current trends and act on them if they are interesting.

"At Norrbom Vinding, you are not just one of the crowd – we call ourselves "NorrVinds". Everyone has a voice and a right to be heard”


Want to join the team?

We are always interested in new talent. So please contact us if you would like to pursue a career here.

We recruit on an ongoing basis and look forward to receiving your application.

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"Our staff have not been randomly chosen. We have picked them out because they are the best. That is why we take good care of them"