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Human rights law

Authorities are increasingly being met with claims for alleged human rights violations, especially in cases concerning social welfare law and welfare benefits

Norrbom Vinding often advises public authorities facing various claims for breach of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR).

We have conducted – and are conducting – a number of the most fundamental cases in this area, and we have some of Denmark’s most skilled and experienced litigators on our team. We have considerable experience in managing this type of cases, both in terms of the challenges involved in handling the cases themselves and in dealing with the often intense focus from various stakeholders on this type of cases.

In addition to the actual litigation, we assist authorities with uncovering any claims – including through investigation processes – as well as with assessments of potential claims, and we also assist in possible settlement discussions.

We recently

  • litigated a number of landmark cases on whether municipalities complied with their positive obligations under the ECHR in situations where children had been abused by their parents or others, including the so-called ”Slagelse case” which was the first Danish case in the area
  • conducted and won a fundamental Supreme Court case on whether a girl with a mental disability was entitled to compensation under the ECHR or Danish law for the absence of a person accompanying her to swimming competitions
  • litigated – and are litigating – cases on whether children are entitled to compensation under the ECHR or Danish law for the absence of or delayed referral to specialised services or lack of education
  • assisted DR (the Danish Broadcasting Corporation) in a legal investigation and subsequent assessment of whether there was basis for payment of compensation for offensive behaviour to members of the Danish National Girls’ Choir
  • assisted in assessing whether a municipality was liable for damages for sexual offences committed by an employee in a kindergarten


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Søren Skjerbek

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