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Yvonne Frederiksen
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New executive order on psychological working environment

The Working Environment Authority has issued a new executive order compiling the applicable psychological working environment rules. The objective of the executive order is to clarify these rules for employers and employees.

In 2019 several political parties made an agreement on ”new and improved efforts in the working environment area” in order to strengthen the focus on mental wellbeing in the workplace. As part of the agreement, it was agreed that, for the first time ever, an executive order focusing only on the psychological working environment would be prepared.

Following consultation last year, the final executive order was recently issued. The purpose of the executive order is to clarify the psychological working environment rules for employers and employees in order to facilitate the prevention of mental wellbeing issues.

The new executive order will be supplemented by new guidelines from the Working Environment Authority in the following three areas:

  • Large workloads and time constraints
  • Vague and conflicting requirements at the workplace
  • High emotional demands in social work

The executive order came into force on 1 November 2020

The content of the above is not, and should not be a substitute for legal advice.