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Rebekka advises on all aspects of labour and employment law, but her areas of special interest are:

  • Public sector employment, including in the municipal, regional and government sector
  • Public law in general, including administrative law, human rights legislation and the rules on access to documents
  • Human rights law and constitutional law, including litigation of cases regarding alleged human rights violations by authorities and advice on proposed intervention by authorities
  • Cases concerning criminal offences relating to the activities of companies, authorities and employees
  • Discrimination, including litigation on differential treatment and equal treatment
  • Whistleblowing and investigation processes

Practice areas

Employment law

Contracts, dismissals, changes to terms and conditions, post-termination restrictions, etc. We advise on all aspects of employment law

Public sector labour and employment law

A thorough understanding of how public sector labour and employment law interacts with public law is a prerequisite – together with a good measure of political insight – to advising clients in this area


Discrimination is currently the fastest growing practice area


Norrbom Vinding’s litigators are among the most skilled litigators in Denmark

Legal investigations and inquiries

Legal investigations and inquiries are an important tool when companies, authorities or organisations have a need to uncover and assess a matter or course of events

Industrial relations

Collective agreements and industrial relations are the hallmark of the Danish labour market model

Criminal law

The handling of criminal offences is becoming increasingly complex – not least in light of the detailed regulation in the area, intensified enforcement and public attention

Qualifications and experience

  1. 2022 

    Norrbom Vinding, Associate

  2. 2021 – 2022 

    Norrbom Vinding, Junior Associate

  3. 2019 – 2023

    Lecturer in Fundamental Rights of the Individual, University of Copenhagen

  4. 2018 

    Western Copenhagen Police, Part-Time Assistant Prosecutor

  5. 2017 – 2021

    Ministry of Justice, Head of Section

  6. 2017 

    Master of Laws, University of Copenhagen

  7. 2016

    Bruun & Hjejle, summer internship

  8. 2015 -2017 

    Prime Minister’s Office, Legal Intern

  9. 2015 

    Winner of the Nordic Moot Court Competition on Human Rights and the Trans-European Moot Court Competition

  10. 2014 – 2015

    Ministry of Justice, Legal Intern

  11. 2012 – 2013 

    Advice Advokater, Legal Intern