In order to be able to send out our electronic newsletter, Norrbom Vinding – as data controller – processes personal data regarding the individual recipients. The data processed is the information entered into Norrbom Vinding’s website in connection with sign-up (the recipient’s name, email, job title as well as name and address of the recipient’s employer). In addition, information on the recipient’s use of our newsletter, including whether the newsletter is opened, (continuously) bounces, etc., is collected.

The purpose of processing the recipients’ name, email, etc. is to be able to send out our newsletter and possibly information on breakfast briefings and other events to the recipients. In addition, the information is used to draw up statistics on the recipients categorised by sectors, geography, job types, etc. The purpose of processing information on how our newsletter is used by the recipients is to correlate such information and prepare different types of statistical data and records for customising and targeting the newsletter, etc.

Personal data in the form of name, email, etc. is stored as long as the recipient subscribes to Norrbom Vinding’s newsletter and up to two years after the recipient unsubscribes. Retention after unsubscription is to ensure that the person who has unsubscribed remains blocked when we send out our newsletter. In addition, statistical data is stored after unsubscription.

By clicking ”Yes”, in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation I give my consent to Norrbom Vinding’s processing of my personal data as described above in connection with my subscription to and continued receipt of Norrbom Vinding’s newsletter. My consent is based on the condition that my information will not be used in contexts which go beyond the above purposes or which are offensive to me as a person.

I understand that I may at any time unsubscribe from Norrbom Vinding’s newsletter. This can be done by clicking ”Unsubscribe” in the link at the bottom of the newsletter.