The European Labour Authority has launched

The new European authority on labour, social security and mobility recently started its work.

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The free movement for workers is a tenet of the EU and the single market. To ensure compliance and cooperation between Member States regarding the regulation of fair labour mobility and social security systems, the Council and the Parliament has approved the establishment of the European Labour Authority (ELA). The initiative is part of the rollout of the European pillar of social rights, which sets out key principles and rights supporting fair and well-functioning labour markets.

The ELA will support Member States, businesses and citizens by facilitating information and services about rights and obligations; facilitate cooperation between Member States in the enforcement of EU law; mediate in cross-border disputes; and support cooperation between Member States in addressing the issue of undeclared work.

The ELA started its work on 17 October this year. ELA’s Management Board consists of one member from each Member State together with two members representing the Commission, one independent expert and four members representing cross-industry social partner organisations at EU level.

The goal is to promote fair mobility and social security coordination, and by simplifying the life of national authorities and fighting undeclared work, the ELA is expected to help save costs and raise earnings at national level.

More information can be found on ELA’s website.

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