Guidelines on consent

The EU General Data Protection Regulation will enter into force in the not too distant future, and the ‎fourth set of guidelines on the GDPR has therefore been issued.

The Danish Data Protection Agency and the Danish Ministry of Justice recently issued their fourth set of ‎guidelines on the GDPR. This time, the guidelines concern processing consent.‎

The GDPR introduces stricter rules on consent by listing several specific conditions for when consent is a ‎valid basis for processing. In addition, additional requirements are introduced with regard to the ‎documentation required to show that valid consent has been obtained.‎

The guidelines may serve as a guide for when valid consent has been obtained and what the ‎consequences will be if consent is withdrawn. Moreover, the last part of the guidelines contains a check ‎list which may be used to check that all conditions have been satisfied. The guidelines involve the Bill ‎that was recently introduced in the Danish Parliament to supplement the provisions of the GDPR, which ‎proposes among other things to allow processing of employee data based on the employee’s consent.‎

The guidelines are available here (in Danish).

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