Coronavirus – entry into Denmark requires a ”worthy or credible purpose”

The Danish authorities have implemented new travel restrictions as part of the efforts to combat the coronavirus (Covid-19). It is currently a requirement that travellers can demonstrate a ”worthy or credible purpose” for entering Denmark.


In connection with the efforts to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19), the Danish government has recently put in place a number of protective measures. Friday night, the government announced the implementation of border control at all of Denmark’s borders from Saturday 14 March to 13 April 2020. Only travellers who can demonstrate a ”worthy or credible purpose” (”anerkendelsesværdigt formål”) for entering Denmark will be allowed entry; however, Danish nationals will always be permitted to enter Denmark.

The meaning of worthy or credible purposes depends on a specific assessment, but persons residing or working in Denmark – including self-employed persons who perform work in Denmark – will have a worthy or credible purpose for entering Denmark. The same applies to persons who deliver or transport goods to/from Denmark as well as persons who supply services to/in Denmark. Likewise, persons who have a valid but not yet used work permit in Denmark will be able to demonstrate a worthy or credible purpose of entry, provided that the reason for the person’s travel is to perform work in Denmark.

At this stage, employers and business travellers should especially take note of the fact that business travel is generally not, according to the Danish authorities, regarded as a worthy or credible purpose.

It is for travellers to demonstrate that they have a worthy or credible purpose for entering Denmark. We therefore recommend that travellers carry documentation of the purpose of their travel to Denmark. If you, as an employer, have doubts or questions concerning whether a certain travel activity amounts to a worthy or credible purpose, we encourage you to obtain legal advice in this regard.

In case of doubt, it is expected that the police – initially at least – will show tact and consideration when carrying out border control.

Further details (in English) on the rules regarding travel to and from Denmark can be found here.

The content of the above is not, and should not be a substitute for legal advice.

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