Coronavirus – amendments to the Epidemic Act

The Danish Parliament recently passed amendments to the act on measures against infectious and transmittable diseases (the Danish Epidemic Act).

Norrbomvinding 10180

For employers, the most significant amendment is the new section 6 under which the Minister for Health may ban mass gatherings, arrangements, events, etc.

According to the explanatory remarks, the Bill will be followed by an executive order prohibiting gatherings etc. of more than 100 people.

Some have wondered if this means that no more than 100 employees can be present at the workplace at the same time. The explanatory remarks expressly read that this is not the intention:

”The prohibition does not cover regular attendance at the workplace but may cover gatherings at the workplace, such as joint meetings.”

Also, it is interesting that section 27 of the Epidemic Act has been amended. This amendment means that if individuals suffer a loss as a consequence of compulsory acquisition measures put into effect in pursuance of the Act, such individuals may be awarded damages. The previous wording did not mention that the measures had to be of such a nature in order to trigger payment of damages.

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