23. feb 2017

Employing people abroad 2017

After the successful conferences with Novo Nordisk, ISS, Carlsberg and Coloplast, Norrbom Vinding is delighted to announce a new international HR legal conference. This year, the conference is organised in partnership with Arla Foods.

The challenges facing HR change on a daily basis. What seemed obvious yesterday may be a major issue today, and what nobody had heard of last week may be a new way to move forward tomorrow. The legislative landscape and employees’ expectations change and employers have to change with them, given that “human resources” are indeed the most important resource of most employers. Employees move across borders and work for different entities in the same group; employers therefore need to find ways of handling this situation, including with regard to compensation and other terms and conditions.

Businesses work in an increasingly integrated way in a globalised world and they need to have focus on and an understanding of the differences between countries when it comes to the most effective compensation and incentives, relevant terms and conditions, etc. Otherwise, managing an international workforce in a smooth manner may prove very difficult.

To increase awareness and knowledge, Arla Foods and Norrbom Vinding invite you to a one-day conference at Admiral Hotel in Copenhagen. At the conference, highly experienced and specialised speakers and panellists will address the above issues and discuss practical and hands-on solutions to the various challenges facing HR today. Our aim is to provide you with inspiration on how to deal with the challenges and issues arising in your day-to-day work. 


Mandag, 12. juni 2017 - 9:00

The conference will be held at

Admiral Hotel,
Toldbodgade 24-28,
1253 Copenhagen K,

Please find invitation and programme here

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